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Bhojon, an intelligent POS system, is the cornerstone of restaurant management. For example, Bhojon logs their details and specifications every time a customer places an order. 

Instead of having an employee jot down orders, physically enter them into a billing system, and then edit quantities, the entire process is automated. Using the best restaurant management system means a much lower risk of error. 

Restaurants and Foodservice businesses generate 12.7M tons of overmuch food, more than 80% of which goes to landfill or is burned as waste.

Using a simple but worthy waste management system, you can also analyze inventory levels and food waste.

What is a Waste management system?

A waste management system help to 

  • Manage waste-damaged goods.
  • Scraps of your restaurant.
  • Alert you to minimize wastage.

You can say that the Waste Management system has environmentally-friendly waste solutions to support restaurants with trash and recycling pick up, composting, and organics recycling.

How To Add -A Waste Management  To Your System

  • The first approach, go to the Bhojon admin panel, click Modules, click on the waste management system buy it, and get the purchase key.
  • The second approach is the purchase key, Select the addon file and upload the zip file from your selected folder on your computer, then upload and install.
  • The third approach please give all the necessary permission, and you will receive a notification if you don’t have the right to it. Set write permission to the specified folder on the server.

A guideline you can follow to give a better shot.

We Are Here To Help-Features 

  • Flexible service offering (Application programming interface)
  • Alert system (risk alert)
  • Detailed database 
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Reporting & Statistics

Buy Bhojon with a waste management system Today for Boosting Your Business.

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