Printer Share - Setup Printer Based On Kitchen for Bhojon

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A hard reality is that many restaurants fail during the very first year.

Frequently due to a lack of a proper management system

Time to retool your business with a cost-effective POS solution

Bhojon helps you to grow your business from the beginning. Bhojon is an online & offline restaurant management software that automates a restaurant's day-to-day activity.


One of the most common restaurant complaints from customers is inaccurate order-taking. It can include order mix-ups, missed add-ons, customizations, or missing items.
These errors can become frustrating for the customer and cost the restaurant. In addition, accurate orders can lead to item repackaging, ingredient waste, or cancellations. printer share is a good choice to resolve this problem. 

The Latest Printer Share- Setup Printer Based On Kitchen Innovations

3-step installation process-Printer Share- Setup Printer Based On Kitchen

  • The first approach, go to the Bhojon admin panel, click Modules, click on the Printer Share- Setup Printer Based On Kitchen buy it, and get the purchase key.
  • The second approach is the purchase key, Select the addon file and upload the zip file from your selected folder on your computer, then upload and install.
  • The third approach please give all the necessary permission, and you will receive a notification if you don’t have the right to it. Set write permission to the specified folder on the server.

A guideline you can follow to give a better shot.

Features that every printer share addons must have 

  • Multiple connectivity options
  • Technical support (24/7)
  • The easy installation process
  • Issue verified returns and refunds(within 30 days+moneyback guarantees)
  • Minimalistic interface

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