Paytm Payment Gateway for Tradebox

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What is Paytm payment gateway?

Indeed payment gateway is a payment service through an innovative way like Debit/Credit cards, EMI, online banking, wallets, and others. Paytm is an advance all-in-one payment gateway. It is the most leading payment gateway around the world. Paytm payment gateway supports several payment sources from UPI to Debit or Credit card, EMI, internet banking, Paytm postpaid, and Paytm wallet. However, this payment gateway is helpful for small, medium, and large-scale business platforms. It is rather crucial for local vendors, e-commerce, freelancers, and others. It is a more popular payment gateway due to its easy payment system.  

Why choose Paytm payment gateway?

The Paytm payment gateway (PPG) system accepts payment from the payers. It offers one of the most accessible payment systems in the payment gateway history. There are many privileges of using the Paytm payment gateway, but we are referring few of them, such as

  • It helps to get payment in the fastest way from the user end.
  • It is simple and easy to use.
  • Paytm payment gateway addon supports Cs-Cart, multivendor, multi-vendor ultimate, etc.

Paytm integration with Tradebox and Installation process

Paytm is a payment gateway that is related to the tradebox. Whenever you install this payment gateway it will automatically be integrated with tradebox. However, you can install this addon in two ways by uploading the addon file: manually and automatically. If you would like to install it manually, then you need to follow some crucial steps:

Manual Installation process

  • First, go to the Tradebox admin panel and click add-ons, then click on the gear button and select manual installation.
  • Select the addon file and upload the zip file from your selected folder on your computer, then upload and install.
  • In this case, the addon installer will check the write permission for the folder and file. On the other hand, you will receive a notification if you don’t have the right to it. Set write permission to the specified folder on the server.
  • The addon will finally be installed.

Automatic Installation

The automatic installation process is the easiest way to install. In this case, you may follow some steps to install it automatically.

  • First of all, install the addon.
  • You may see the addon upgrade and apply it.
  • Now view the currently installed addon and fill the required section with the specific addon.
  • In this stage, you can search for addons and filter them by several criteria.
  • Now open the addon editing page.

In this stage, you need to configure your addon on the page setting tab that opens by clicking on the addon name. It is noted that the addon may not have settings. However, some addons create new pages in the admin panel through the additional working tool after installation. You may open additional pages generated by the addon in any way. It is noted that after installing addon you will get a set up process. In this stage, you can set up your payment gateway whatever you want. 

Paytm payment gateway features

  • It has better integration with Cs-Cart, multivendor, and multi vendor ultimate.
  • It offers a better function for storing and avoiding client-sensitive data.
  • Paytm payment gateway offers a secure payment system.
  • You don’t require modification in the core files.
  • It supports hosted payment.

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