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Adding a POS system to your business is an excellent start for your restaurant. 

Bhojon all-in-one, restaurant management system helps you to organize all the operations so that you can focus on building the restaurant's face. A successful business depends on many things. A customer loyalty program is one of the most important parts to take care of.

A loyalty program is a complex business strategy that needs to be customized to suit your business aesthetics. 

With the Loyalty Program addon, you can customize the loyalty program that resounds with your brand qualities and enables you to achieve your business and marketing objectives.

You must engage your audience with a meaningful loyalty program to increase sales, conversion rates, and customer satisfaction.

To do that

A loyalty program that will offer your values and be engaging and rewarding for your customers.

Loyalty Program-Overview

The Loyalty Program add-on allows you to build a loyalty program for your regular customers by offering rewards and encouraging them to connect with your restaurant. The loyalty program is based on the total amount of money spent in the store. So the more the customers pay, the more they get.

Statistics that can surprise you 

  • 57% of customers join loyalty programs to save money, while 37.5% go for them to receive rewards.
  • 69% of customers state that loyalty programs influence their choice of retailer.

Installing the add-on

  • First, go to the Bhojon admin panel, click Modules, click on the loyalty program and chat buy it and get the purchase key.
  • Give the purchase key, Select the addon file and upload the zip file from your selected folder on your computer, then upload and install.
  • Please give all the necessary permission, and you will receive a notification if you don’t have the right to it. Set write permission to the specified folder on the server.

A guideline you can follow to give a better shot.

The Feature That Attracts Customers

  • Multi-tier membership system
  • Give points to your favorite customers
  • Unbelievable discount
  • Give points when customers spend money 
  • Bonuses specific to each membership tier.
  • Displaying the reward points
  • Issue verified returns and refunds(within 30 days+moneyback guarantees)

Loyal customers are more likely to repurchase, refer more, and try a new offering.

Reasons To Use Loyalty Program- Perfect In Many Ways

  • Customer Engagement.
  • Reward creates suspense and excitement, and receiving the prize significantly improves customer satisfaction.
  • Increase your revenue.

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