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BEP20 is the token standard on Binance smart chain. It extends ERC20, the most Ethereum token standard. You may think of it as a blueprint for tokens that specifies how they can be spent. Most people want a trusted platform to exchange money. Due to its similarity to Binance chain BEP20 and Ethereum ERC20, it is compatible with both. That’s why the legal exchange platform plays a crucial role in the online marketplace. 
So, BEP20 is here to help you to exchange securely, and it is easy to use for digital exchange currency. BEP20 was conceived as a technical specification for Binance smart chain with the goal of developing a flexible format to launch a range of different tokens. If we compare the gas fees on the Ethereum network, we will see that the BEP20 gas fee is meager. It is noted that BEP20 tokens do not have their own blockchain, but it resides on the top of the Binance smart chain.

How does BEP20 work and integrate with tradebox?

Before using BEP20 you need to install it and you have to integrate it with Tradebox. Because Tradebox is the cryptocurrency trading software and BEP20 is an addon. To get more facilities of BEP20 you must integrate it with the Tradebox. The question is how to integrate Tradebox with the BEP20 addon. Straightforward, login to the admin panel and install the BEP20 addon. It is nice to hear that if you install the BEP20 then it will automatically be integrated with the Tradebox and then you are able to set it up however you wish.

  •  First of all, install the BEP20 addon.
  • Set up the node server and fill up all the requirements.
  • Complete BEP20 wallet setup.
  • You can send a coin request.

What are the features of BEP20?

BEP20 is a token standard that allows anyone to place fungible digital currencies or tokens on the Business Smart Chain (BSC). BEP20 tokens are native to the Binance smart chain (BSC). However, many features of it attract you to use it. So let’s see the features and whether they go better with you.

  • BEP20 offers high scalability and fast transactions.
  • Users are able to transact tokens with low gas fees.
  • Entirely decentralized solutions with less effort.
  • BEP20 tokens are legal for exchange. For this reason, it does not require intermediaries.
  • BEP20 coins are compatible with Binance chains. In this case, you can switch between two networks Binance smart chain and the Binance chain.
  • The smart contract has dual chain architecture (Binance chain & Binance smart chain).
  • Blockchain will record all the data where you have no chance to mistake any data.
  • The user can release the coin, and if the user wants, can withdraw it.

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