Advanced Tax / GST Setting for Bhojon

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Bhojon is an online & offline restaurant management software that automates a restaurant's day-to-day activity. What makes a sound restaurant management system? 

Track sales and profits and help you manage your taxes.

Are you looking for the best tax plugins for your restaurants to assist you in accurately calculating tax or VAT?

We may agree with that 

Collecting sales tax can be a hassle for online store owners as it depends on your store, as well as the location of your customer. Therefore, with the benefit of Advanced Tax / GST Setting, the sales tax or VAT can be automatically figured. 

Advanced Tax / Gst Setting-Overview

GST, known for Goods and Services Tax, is included in the final price and the end customers have to accept this. The seller then passes the tax amount to the government.

How to install the addons

  • First, go to the Bhojon admin panel, click Modules, click on the shift management system buy it, and get the purchase key.
  • Give the purchase key, Select the addon file and upload the zip file from your selected folder on your computer, then upload and install.
  • Please give all the necessary permission, and you will receive a notification if you don’t have the right to it. Set write permission to the specified folder on the server.

A guideline you can follow to give a better shot.


  • Easy upload and installation.
  • Invoice system.
  • Account dashboard user friendly 
  • Set your tax on your country’s system.

Top 5 reason people loved-Advanced Tax / GST Setting 

  • Customize for your own choice.
  • Dynamic Dashboard.
  • Issue verified returns and refunds(within 30 days+moneyback guarantees)

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